Meet the DCPBK Leadership

DCPBK is run by a Board of volunteers who are elected before our Annual Meeting each June. The Board meets quarterly. Our programs are run by volunteers who are selected by members of the Board.

Officers & Executive Committee


Past Presidents of the DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association

1961-1971 Edward R. Place
1971-1976 Esther C. Lawton
1976-1978 George W. Ingle
1978-1980 Herbert W. Weber
1980-1982 Louise M. Rovner
1982-1984 Hazel M.B. Ingersoll
1984-1986 Kenneth F. McLaughlin
1986-1987 Hazel M..B. Ingersoll
1987-1989 John E. Manion
1989-1990 Samuel E. Fry
1990-1992 Gloria G. Cochran
1992-1994 Linda R. Sveinsson
1994-1996 Christel G. McDonald
1996-1998 Hazel M. B. Ingersoll
1998-2000 Christel G. McDonald

2000-2002 Eddie Eitches
2002-2004 Christel G. McDonald
2004-2005 Edward A. (Ed) Molnar
2005-2006 Christel McDonald
2006-2008 Valerie Neal
2008-2010 Andrew Steigman
2010-2012 Paul B. Lubliner
2012-2012 Geoffrey Klopp
2012-2013 Andrew Steigman (Interim)
2013-2015: David L. MacDonald
2015-2017: Elizabeth Marshall
2017-Present: Nina M. Kuo