Recently members of the book club asked me to share the full recommendations collected for our last few voting cycles, I’m happy to do so to inspire everyone’s to-read lists!

Biannually we embark on a month- long cycle of soliciting book suggestions from members who have attended a meeting within the previous six months. The same audience then votes in which two books in each category, fiction, nonfiction and classic, we will read in the next series. These lists are entirely driven by our members. The coordinator can also recommend selections but final decisions are based on overall votes.

You’ll see here not only the recommendations with their associated descriptions, but also the votes each book received in the particular voting cycle.

Fall 2018 Book Recommendation List (May 2018 Voting Cycle)

Spring 2018 Book Recommendation List (November 2017 Voting Cycle)

Fall 2017 Book Recommendation List (May 2017 Voting Cycle)