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This group is for all fans of the DC area Phi Beta Kappa Association, an alumni association of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. The PBK Society is the oldest and most respected undergraduate honors organization in the United States. The Society has pursued its mission of fostering and recognizing excellence in the liberal arts and sciences since its founding in 1776. Each year, about one college senior in a hundred, nationwide, is invited to join Phi Beta Kappa. Membership is life-long, and members are invited after graduation to join a Phi Beta Kappa Association in their community. To learn more about our organization, visit us online at
The DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association
The DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association shared a post.2 days ago
#OTD in 1935 #PBKmember Robert Frost corresponded with Marie Bullock, founder of The Academy of American Poets, regarding America’s recognition of poets and artists of other disciplines. Bullock, who had just founded the Academy of American Poets a few months prior to this letter, had reached out to Frost to tell him about the newly formed organization. She asked Frost to help her spread the Academy's story.

The letter reads:

"My dear Mrs. Bullock:
I thought I had written you of my approval. It is getting so I remember a letter as having been written when it has been no more than formulated in my mind. Of course I am in favor of America’s doing more for her poets than any other nation. I read a #PhiBetaKappa Eclogue on the subject once at #Columbia University. And I have just come home from trying to plant in the right quarters at Washington the idea of a civil list for poets, musicians, and of artists here such as they have in England. I have no particular purchase to try anything loose and am in no position alone. So let me join you in your good work.
Robert Frost
Amherst Mass
April 20, 1935"
The DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association
The DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association shared a post.4 days ago
How the work of an art historian could help to rebuild the cathedral of Notre Dame:
The DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association
The DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association6 days ago
Looking for interesting and though-provoking new books to read? Join the #DCPBK Book Club!
The DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association
The DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association shared a post.7 days ago
The Cleveland Museum of Art is now offering unrestricted access to nearly half of its collection. As an added bonus, metadata for more than 61,000 works is also available without restriction.

(cc: Phi Beta Kappa Association of Cleveland, Ohio)

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2 weeks ago
We'll be discussing Chesapeake Requiem: A Year with the Watermen of Vanishing Tangier Island by Earl Swift at Nagomi Izakaya at 6:30pm! RSVP required, join us at
2 weeks ago
We’ll miss working with you Laura! Thank you for everything you’ve done for associations, especially #DCPBK!
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Phi Beta Kappa @PhiBetaKappa
Today is a sad, but happy day as we say goodbye to Deputy Director Laura H. You may recognize Laura’s enthusiastic smile from many of our #PBKStaff posts, and after 6 years she is definitely a “notorious” figure. Laura, we will miss you, but we’re so excited for your next step!
1 month ago
Free event with some amazing #PBKMembers speaking here in DC!

Contact @ucfreespeechctr for more information.