Applications for the Summer/Fall 2020 cycle have closed.

Check back in 2021 for information about our next cycle!

Program Overview

The DC PBK Mentorship Network program focuses on connecting DC PBK Association members with one another to not only share professional advice, but also to foster the intellectual curiosity that brings the Phi Beta Kappa community together at its core. Through structured one-on-one relationships, the Mentorship Network aims to catalyze learning relationships among DC PBK Association members, strengthening the personal and professional lives of individuals and their connections to the Association. (Have questions? See the FAQ.)

How is the program structured?

The DC PBK Mentorship Network offers several ways for members to connect. Our core program has been a six-month structured mentorship program. In Spring 2018, we are launching a new 10-month program so that participants can have a longer, more enriching experience! The Network also offers opportunities for one-time networking and information interview matches.


Our core program seeks to match members based on three categories: new professional, young professional, and experienced professional. Keeping in mind that the chemistry for a good mentorship relationship differs from match to match, we endeavor to make the following types of mentorship matches within these categories:

PEER MENTOR MATCHES between young professionals

MENTOR/MENTEE MATCHES between young professionals and new professionals

EXPERIENCED MENTOR/MENTEE MATCHES between experienced professionals and young or new professionals

All interested DC PBK members can apply for the program via an online application (link posted above when the application process is open). Once matches are made, matched participants will be provided with a mentorship agreement and other resources to aid them as they begin their mentorship relationship.

DC PBK Mentorship Network

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During the program, participants meet together on their own terms – virtually, in-person, once a week, once every two months, whatever they decide! All participants in the program will be brought together for MentorMix events to network with other participants as well. At the end of the program, the structured support will end, and participants are welcome to continue the mentorship relationship informally.

Mentorship Program Frequent Questions

For the purposes of this program, we generally define a new professional as someone with zero to three years of post-undergradate experience; a young professional as someone with three to seven years of post-undergraduate experience; and an experienced professional as someone with seven or more years of post-graduate experience. When matching peer mentorships, we will endeavor to match individuals with someone in the same level of post-undergraduate experience. Applicants will have the opportunity to review the potential match before beginning the mentorship.

If you have between three and seven years of post-graduate experience, please apply as a young professional in the application. Within the application, you will be able to select whether or not you are interested in being a mentor to a new professonal and fill out additional questions related to that response. In general, you’ll be able to select all three categories to show your interest in potentially participating as a peer mentor, mentor, or mentee. If you have any specific comments related to which type of match you prefer, please include those in the application.

Mentorship is often thought of as a relationship between an experienced professional and a young professional, but peer mentorships can also result in incredibly insightful experiences for those involved. Embarking on a peer mentorship within the DC PBK community is a great way to jumpstart your involvement in the Association, as well as provide a meaningful and structured way to expand your professional network.  Peer mentorship is a great opportunity to meet a like-minded individual on a similar career path as you with whom you can share insight, advice, and information on growing professionally. Additionally, a peer mentor may be able to provide that extra set of eyes needed to review your resume or let you know about interesting industry or academic events.

You’re right, you’ve caught us – connecting people one-on-one doesn’t sound like much of a network! That’s where our MentorMix events and online communication come in. We hope to connect members not just with their mentor/mentee, but also with other DC PBK members undertaking this experience alongside of you.  At MentorMix events, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others in the program (and who knows, maybe find your next peer mentor or mentee!).  Additionally, you will receive email updates about the mentorship network and DC PBK events.

The application link is posted at the top of this page when we are accepting applications. Expressions of interest to be a mentor can also be made directly to We encourage you to view the application questions in the downloadable PDF ahead of time, also located at the top of the site.

After all applications are received, the DC PBK Mentorship Network team will review and compare answers to suggest the best matches, with a primary focus on connecting people based on professional experiences, career goals, and interests. Once preliminary matches have been made, you will be contacted with information about your proposed match. If you agree to be connected with your proposed match, you will be electronically introduced and provided with information on the next steps to begin your mentorship, which will begin with an introductory conversation with your mentee/mentor and completion of the mentorship agreement. During the introductory conversation, if for some reason you and/or your proposed mentee/mentor decide the match is not suitable, please contact to inform the team that you have decided not to move forward with the mentorship and whether you would like to be considered for another placement.

While every effort will be made to place all applicants into the type of match they prefer, please note that it may not be possible to match you with a mentor or mentee during this round. If we are unable to match you during the program cycle, we will contact you with options to participate in alternate opportunities (informational interviews and networking meetings). We also encourage you to apply again during future cycles of the program.

Unfortunately, we will not be accepting additional applications outside the application window. We may, however, continue to recruit additional mentors and informational interviewers into the program based on demand.

We definitely encourage self-matching! If you already have a relationship with this person, we recommend you reach out to him/her and discuss being part of the DC PBK Mentorship Network program together. If you two decide you’d like to join us for the program, please email to let us know you already have a match. You’ll be able to access the monthly program newsletter, additional resources, and invitations to the MentorMix events.

If you are not already in contact with this person, please fill out the application form and note in the application that there is a specific person with whom you’d like to be matched. We will take this into consideration when identifying potential matches.

Learning from and adapting to participant experiences is essential for making this program work. Two surveys will be distributed during the program – a mid-point evaluation and a final evaluation. Additionally, you can contact us at at any time with questions or concerns.

For members who are looking to connect with another DC PBK member but without the commitment to the longerh program,  the Mentorship Network also seeks to match individuals who would like to network with other members and/or provide or receive professional and academic advice in an informational interview setting. If you are interested in being considered for one of these opportunities, please indicate your interest in the application form.